The main research focus of the lab is the processing of visual information. Research topics include face and object recognition, attention, orientation and visual motion processing.


We are particularly interested in individual differences in visual perception. In addition to studying visual perception in young adults, research in the lab also investigates mechanisms underlying visual processing in healthy aging.


We combine psychophysical techniques with functional neuroimaging (fMRI) and electroencephalography (EEG).


Hao Lou started working in the lab as a PhD student in collaboration with Prof. Lorist.

Suze Westervoorde started working in the lab as a research assistant.

Paper published! Associations between genetic variations and global motion perception.

Anna Luxem started her summer internship (Erasmus Exchange, University of Giessen, Germany).

Hao Lou secured PhD funding from the Chinese Scholarship Council to work on attentional processes in healthy ageing.

Paper published! No evidence for a common factor underlying visual abilities in healthy older people.

Paper published! An advantage for horizontal motion direction discrimination.

Paper published! Motion perception as a model for perceptual ageing.

Jacqueline Von Seth secured Wellcome Trust funding for a summer project on orientation reproduction.

Juho Aijala secured funding from the Rank Prize Fund for a summer project on motion and orientation discrimination. 

Visual perception

General mechanisms and individual differences

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